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The team behind Prosperity Partners Inc. and especially behind our Prosperity Retreats is made up of seasoned professionals in finance, financial psychology, wellness, and event marketing and production. On average, each team member has around 18 years of experience in their respective fields.

Our events: 


Our events are created and are intended to open a new conversation around wealth building and assist the attendees in taking a fresh, holistic yet FUN way to build wealth and health.  Our events are curated to bring together mind, body, spiritual and practical growth and transformation in areas of: 


  • self-love

  • creation of abundance

  • experiencing love, community, and support 

  • finding your gift 

  • creating financial harmony

  • And much more 










Our resources:


Our courses and programs have been strategically designed to support you in growth in all areas of prosperity.  We have brought to you innovators and leaders in their fields to deliver proven online programs that have helped thousands over the years.  Our instructors are experts in their fields and have been helping individuals, couples, families, and corporations for over 20 years.



Anna Knight, BA, CFP - Founder/Financial Planner, Author, Money Educator & Owner, Simplicity Financial -


Jameel Brown - Co-Founder/Owner, DotSixProductions -


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