As a team of experienced financial, wellness and event management professionals, we came together to create Prosperity Retreats.  


As experts in our respective fields, we’ve helped thousands of individuals, couples and families heal, move through trauma, deal with stress and anxiety, break down financial blocks, create money game plans, or experience a FUN and unforgettable event.

We envision a semi-annual retreat that blends personal development, wellness and financial education in one event to create an unforgettable day of transformation and growth.

As a collective, we concluded that increased capacity to deal with stress and life changes, combined with having essential financial tools in place and the support of a community, thriving in times of change and turbulence is still possible. Therefore, we are dedicated to creating events that arm our participants with such tools.

Our first event on September 18th, 2022, will be held at Kingsbridge Centre in King City.  


We are looking for a select number of corporate sponsors who not only share our vision but want to be known as a brand that stands for collective prosperity and believes in a holistic approach.  We are looking for select national wellness and financial brands and a few local businesses, and we genuinely want partners who see our vision.

Below, you will find our sponsorship package that outlines all the ways you can get involved. In short, your company can get involved by providing a financial contribution as a title, gold or silver sponsor. As a sponsor, you will benefit by growing your brand awareness and goodwill as outlined in our package.

You can also buy a block of tickets gifted to struggling parents and young adults through organizations such as Interim Place, Covenant House and other charities, or you can contribute branded items in line with the event’s theme.

However you wish to participate, these events will help foster a relationship with your current clients, create goodwill and increase brand awareness by associating yourself with a brand that stands for positive change and prosperity for all.

We are always available to share more information if you want to know more about our sponsorship packages. Rest assured that our team can find one customized to suit your budget and expand your market reach.

Contact us here.